Maine Wooden Buoys

161 Bradford Point Road

Friendship, ME  04547

Owned and operated by James and Kimberly Richards

Handmade made Maine cedar lobster pot buoys.  Many colors and patterns available.

Custom colors and patterns welcome.

 Show your artistic side.

new for 2015 !!!

​Large Buoy planters​​

Now accepting major credit cards

​(207) 832-1003

Natural Cedar

​MSRP $23.50​​

Enamel Gloss

​MSRP $28.00

Clear Gloss

MSRP $26.00

Enamel Stressed

​MSRP $28.00

Large planter buoys are available in a wide variety of colors. Make wonderful Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Birthday and Wedding gifts.

Wholesalers are gladly welcome.  Please call or email for more information.