Maine Wooden Buoys

Please note:

The top of the buoy is where you may hang your buoy.  This is where you will find the leather strap or the rope.  Then there is the main part of the buoy.  The flat part is called the butt.  Then the part you may hold is called the tail.  

​How To Order Your Custom Buoy

Since all buoys are a natural wood product, there is a chance that your buoy may or may not have a crack or may develop a crack over time.  There is no way to determine when and/or if this will happen.  This is what makes them unique and adds character to your buoy.

We now have a vinyl cutter.  This machine allows us to make just about any font of print, lots of shapes and designs for   personalizing your buoy.  A wide collection of colors of vinyl is available.  ​There is a small charge for personalizing your buoy.

You may have noticed that we don't have a "shopping cart".  This is because there are so many options for your custom buoy, that we have found it easier to email or call for the details.

​​Some of the things you will need to think about when ordering are:

Would you like a small (14 inch) or large (21 inch) buoy?

Would you like a small (9 inch) or large (13 inch) centerpiece?

Would you like gloss or stressed paint finish?

Would you like a 100% leather strap or a hole drilled with rope?

​Would you like personalization of your buoy/centerpiece?

How would you like your buoy designed?  Any lines and if so, how many?