Here are some of the primary colors

Other colors we have are:

Caribbean Blue

Ink Pad Blue

Pale Yellow

Gold Coin

Cranberry Red

Light Blue



​Safety Green

Sapphire Blue

Emerald City

Harbor Blue

Sherpa Green

Avocado Green

​International Blue

Green and white

Navy Blue and white

Other unique colors​

Some of our paint colors

Maine Wooden Buoys

Red and white​

Since all buoys are a natural wood product, there is a chance that your buoy may or may not have a crack or may develop a crack over time.  There is no way to determine when and/or if this will happen.  This is what makes them unique and adds character to your buoy.

Water Lily and Navy Blue​

Yellow and white​

We have so many paint colors, it is sometimes hard to keep them all straight.  We like to make sure you have lots of options for your custom buoy.  Here are some of them.

White, River Rapids and Red

Safety Blue and White

White, orange and navy blue

Hunter green, white and navy blue

We even have pink and purple!​

Teal and white​