Maine Wooden Buoys

We thought it would be fun to see where in the United States and abroad, Maine Wooden Buoys have traveled.  Being sold in a variety of shops, we don't know where the buoys make their final home.

If you have one of our buoys or know of someone that does, and you don't see a "pin" on our map of their hometown, just drop us a note or call and we will be happy to add it.

Since all buoys are a natural wood product, there is a chance that your buoy may or may not have a crack or may develop a crack over time.  There is no way to determine when and/or if this will happen,  This is what makes them unique and adds character to your buoy.

If you have one our our buoys and would like to have a photo of your buoys on this page, just drop us an email and we will get it right on.